About the Artist…

Born in Tokyo, Japan, where the art of ceramics is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, I always wanted to learn ceramics someday. When I finally started taking classes in handbuilding ceramics two and half years ago, I made an instant connection working with clay. Ever since the first night in the ceramics class, I have been spending one weekday night in class and a half day on Saturdays in an open studio. Since I have a full-time job in the medical field during the day, I put in countless hours at night in the other studio, that is, on my kitchen table.

As a child, I was totally fascinated with nature. I was the kind of a girl who spent hours observing animals, drawing pictures of them, cuddling dogs and bunnies, chasing butterflies, or going fishing. So, it came naturally that I started expressing my love and admiration for beautiful little creatures through ceramics. You will see I am trying to capture momentum in their movement so that you can feel life in each of my artworks. As real animals can console us, I hope my delicate pieces can make you smile, and gently speak to your soul. If you get an urge to reach out to my animal piece to touch it, or if my artworks bring back your fond memories with your loved pets, then, I can say my mission is very well accomplished.

Two and a half years of experience is almost nothing, but I have intensively created a lot of pieces. I have always challenged myself to experiment, learned from mistakes, and then applied the new lessons I learned to something else. In this way, even as an amateur ceramist, I have seen some miraculous outcomes in my artworks that have made me very happy of course, and, at the same time, have made me more humble toward the unknown possibilities in the creative world of ceramics.

In my future work I will continue celebrating the beauty of animal life on earth. My hope is that my artwork will make others stop and reflect on these precious, beautiful animals that share our planet.

If you would like to conact me, please e-mail me at asakusabunny@gmail.com.


7 Responses to “About the Artist…”

  1. Dear artist,
    Your Ceramic Coelacath is breathtaking beautifull.
    Is this object for sale or in reproduction?

    With best regards,

    The Netherlands

  2. Dear Jack:
    Thank you very much for your comment. This coelacanthe is my original, and will probably be displayed in September when I will be the guest artist at one of the local galleries in Spokane, WA. I am still looking for a permanent base to put the fish up securely.

  3. I love your work
    I am French to Marseille
    I am working about same animals like you !
    but i am not so good
    I love your funny bird too

    http://samoa288.canalblog.com/ (my work ceramic)
    http://rakusamoa.canalblog.com/ (my work raku)

  4. Beautiful work. I love how gracefully you move from intricate realism to detailed whimsy. Wonderful!

  5. incredible work ! you are really a talented artist. I am vet working in Italy and thinking about coming back to do some ceramics as I used to …. as you I am very touched by the beauty of animals

  6. Nice meeting you when you visited my pottery booth at Yuletide last weekend. Your work is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for talking with me and giving me your website on the business card. Best of luck in your future projects!

  7. I’ve been searching for ceramic Blue Footed Boobis all over WEB
    and this is the first place I’ve found anything like this.
    They are really neat. Have you seen anything like yours any place else.

    (no insult intended)
    Do you sell any of your ceramic Boobies?

    I have a store window that 2 would look great in.
    Either way, yours look great. Keep up the Good work.

    Gary Geist
    Nebraska USA

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